"Colony Gardens" Copenhagen

You might be thinking that this is an alien country but actually this is Colony Gardens in Copenhagen (Denmark)  where Denish people can grow their own vegetables. owners can rent to grow vegetables. what a brilliant idea to be between nature. Come and live in a real danish garden house with a lush garden.

This handbuild part Kolonihave is a component of a standard danish Allotment Society, a colony of little wooden houses, basically develop to provide workers with fresh air and vegetables. Here you can enjoy relish garden, barbeque, campfire, and breakfast within the garden. And bike, bus, trains are available to central Copenhagen in ten minutes.

The planner that structured the "garden city" said that the thought behind the circles was to expand social association among the tenants. 

Garden city was affirmed in 1964 when the region of Brondby consented to devoted space for allotments, the entrancing circles began to spring up in the territory. 

When seen from over, the circle gardens look much increasingly strange. They sort of appearing as though grapes on a vine, isn't that right? 

The houses in Brondby Haveby have enormous yards that give a retreat from the loud and thickly populated city and allowing the chance to enjoy the pastime of developing plants and harvests.

Pic Credit ©henry do

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