A drone is a technology which does  not having or needing a crew or staff,  is an transformed aircraft. drone properly known as unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV),and also known as  unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) drone is  able of lift out a complicated sequence of behaviour by remote. this aircraft can be control by remotely

and can fly freely over using software a written account of the details of a particular proposed flight in their ingrained systems 
functioning in agreement with the on-board sensors and Global Positioning System(GPS).

drone its like an flying machine with no human beings to operate this aircraft  by this drone aircraft serious string operation can be solved.

drone is spreading all over the world, it used during cricket matches, for films shooting , for any programmes

drone military purpose

this aircraft is very used for military  intention, to  grasp the distance   there is many incidence has been handle ,few terrorist was killed  by armed drone.its most useful for military purpose.

drone camera:

it comes with hd (high definition) camera  because of this hd quality with 720px and 1080px , clearly we can see any thing, any location, home or other private location. it comes with removable micro  sd card. with slow motion video shots, with zoom camera, we can shoots in 4k video, there is different drone types comes with high features. many of the drones comes with 7x zoom lens and  18x zoom camera, 



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