Dear Men Dont let her sleep sad

There must be something that she is upset she keeps arguing, she doesn't have her dinner, there must be something that she kept texting you. Have you Gone mad on her?

When You are insane at her, she won't be able to have her dinner and not be able to go to sleep. All the distressing, painful things you answered to her all the things will resound in her mind.
she will turn and stir on her bed, thinking that what she did wrong and why you were angry and crazy on her. She will go through all the conversation and she will try to find a point that where things went wrong.

she will implant in her mind that now you doesn't love her and tears will have no end all the night. She will keep checking her phone hoping that you will apologize or at least, you will talk with her sweetly or make her realize that you love her, but there is no single text from you to calm down her mood, and this will make her more upset. She wants to text you but now she doesn't want to bother you.

She will not sleep all the night and when she wake up in the morning her tired and cried eyes with sorrow she will go to bath and cry more. She remembers all the thing what happened to the previous night she will lose her confident to start a day. She is still worried.
She wants to talk to you because you are the one who will make everything proper, make her smile and distress.

Dear Men Keep In Your Mind That She does not deserve the person who let her keep crying all the night and who left her to think that she is unwanted and no more important for you. 

She Deserves a boy who will not let her crying, who will make her sure that yes he wants you and never let her feel bad, he is always there for her. she deserves someone who makes her his first priority. if she wants you, you should respect and grateful that she puts you on the top. She Deserves the best.

You should never get frustrated on your girl, Treat her good you will love her only bit much and she loves that much that you can't handle. She loves you unconditionally what else you want from her.

Nothing Makes her Happier and nothing makes her sadder than you. 
She worth much as much more if she wasn't she wouldn't even care.



  1. Replies
    1. Yeah !!! Tried to write down on feelings..

  2. Hi Aarti,
    While reading this blog I completely involved into it,and this blog tought a good leson to me. From now onwards I cant hurt the girls becuase whatever you have written that is just express the fellings with the help of this blog.
    Awesome, outstanding etc.
    And we are expecting more from you.
    Till the day bye t.c

    1. Thank You So much You appreciate My Blog. Will not disappoint you.I Just Tried to put feelings into words so at least people will understand the emotional n loving heart of women....

  3. TRue feeling! :) Nice

    1. Yeah The Hardest part is admitting your true feelings...


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