Why A Man Hurts A Good Woman

women we put a much into our relationship only to get returned a heartbreak. As women do we always have to be heartbroken by our man, that too after caring, sharing a lot about him ??? 

A heart of women is soft, the more we care about you the more strongly we feel in our heart. But this all turns that we lose you when you fail to put yourself first for us. And yes, the risk we take even when our family members try to warn us about you! It becomes like, did you see the red flag? Did you noticed the warning?? These were all notifications of keeping us alert when really we should have understood it. But still, we cared, loved you because we knew that You are my world, and nothing else matters. And lastly, these become a great lesson for us. But Really is it time to move on? but what if you can't, and not without some hard lessons.

Often man immediately disagrees without talking about the problem without finding a real reason or a practical solution for it. This really makes every woman cry beyond words and leaves a helpless without being sympathized. Men you need to get up in your actions, If we women talk about happiness you all agree and love us, but when we tell our problems you become helpless and hopeless! You hide??? Why???
Don’t forget when you don’t talk or reply our message you slow break the trust that is a treasure inside our heart. And who knows that this trust is given to someone else from your side???
This never ends this sad story, you make us strong by helping us knowing that real man does exist. And if fact you will see when the best Man is with us!!

 Your bad man just can’t handle the good in you.



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