Fearless kangna Ranaut on Her Relationship With Hrithik Roshan

And here she revealed the truth of the person whom she loved truly but as usual, man can never have a privilege of having a one woman. In a show, Aap Ki Adalat Kangna explored what she went through with Hrithik Roshan in their relationship.

Being badass she opens up about the pain and her wish to marry the man who made her believe that they will get married after divorcing his wife. After divorce, Hrithik told her that they will open their relation in front of all. But after a time Hrithik ditched her and even refused to accept that they were in a relationship. Either accepting the truth they tried to prove that Kangna has some problem in her brain. That's why she does all the things. Kangna was threatened by the Hrithik Roshan and Bollywood people they told her to not expose and speak about their relationship. 

But Kangana open-up about all the thing. Well, hats off to the women with the courage she put all the truths in front of people without any fear.

Dear man why you can't be with only one woman if you can't be with her doesn't give her a false hope and false promises. 

Go and be a real man 



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