Water Fasting Benefits and Dangers

Fasting is a strategy for limiting food consumption, has been rehearsing for several years. Water fasting is a sort of fast that restricts every food except water. It has gotten increasingly popular as it is a speedy method to lose weight. 

Studies have indicated that water fasting could have medical advantages. For instance, it might bring down the danger of some illnesses, a procedure that enables your body to reuse old pieces of your cells. Human examinations on water fasting are exceptionally constrained. Also, it accompanies numerous health dangers and isn't right for everybody. 

Following are an outline of water fasting and how it works, with advantages and risks.

What do you mean by water fasting?
Water fasting is fast in which you can not have any food despites water.
Most people keep fast around 24 to 72 hours, but you should not keep water fast much longer without any expert's advice.

Here are a reasons people do water fasting
  • to lose weight
  • for body detoxification
  • for good health benefits
  • religious and spiritual reasons

A few examinations have connected water fasting with some amazing medical advantages, including a lower danger of specific cancers, heart disease.

Diets like the lemon detox purify are shown after water fast. The lemon detox purifies lets you drink a blend of lemon juice, water, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper a few times each day.

Water fasting has numerous dangers and can be unsafe whenever followed for a really long time. 

how to do water fasting?
There is no research on the best way to begin water fasting. Few individuals should not fast without medical advice. 

This incorporates individuals with, diabetes, aged people, pregnant ladies, eating disease, and kids. You can do this by eating littler portions at every meal or by fasting for a day.

Water fast 1 to 3 days

While water fast, you are not permitted to eat or drink anything other than water. The water fast goes on for 24 to 72 hours means 1 to 3 days. don't do a water fast more than this, without any doctor it can cause a serious health risk.

A few people may feel frail or bleary-eyed or dizzy during a water fast and might need to stop overworking.

Benefits of water fasting
  • Weight lose
  • Removes toxins from body
  • Heartburn, and gastroesophageal reflux disorder
  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • Lower the chances of chronic diseases
  • Helps to control high cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Recycled your old cells

Danger Of Water Fasting
There are many benefits of water fasting but also there are some dangers of water fasting that you need to should know. 

Even at water fast, you have the chance to get dehydrated. Because out of 100%, 20% of the water we get from foods. If you will not increase your water level in fast you can get dehydrated because you are consuming less water than normally you consume.

Lose the wrong kind of weight
Water fast decreases calories, and because of this, you will lose weight quickly.
Sadly, the weight you may lose come from water, muscle mass, and carbs and it can lose the wrong type of weight.

Don't exercise during a water fast, you will lose salt via sweat, and it's possible you can't replace it by having food or drinking any drink.

Dizziness, Weakness, and Trouble Focusing
When you don't eat any calories or food, your body will not perform properly. This can affect you and can't focus on your work and other activity.


The safest way to lose weight is to practice it slowly, having a healthy diet and exercise. change some eating practices, such as less sugary foods and snacks.



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