"Glossy Sugar Glaze"- Donuts

Donuts is a kind of deep-fried dough candy store, bakery or dessert food. Donuts are widespread in several nations and made in numerous styles as sugary snack and sweets you can make at your home or buy from the bakery. Here is donuts recipe for you. Here are few images which will help you to make your donuts look yummyyyy.


One tablespoon and one teaspoon baked yeast,

one cup milk boiled on 110°F,
Bread flour 320 to 400 gram,
One teaspoon vanilla extract,
3 big yolks,
30 gram very thin sugar,
Salt 1/2 teaspoon table,
4 tablespoon unsalted butter softer at room temperature and sliced into cubes,
Vegetable oil,
Coating of a glossy sugar glaze,
Coating of chocolate glaze,
Stand mixer fitted which have a dough hook and beater paddle attachment,
2 big baking sheets, 
Deep-frying thermometer,
Cookie or doughnut cutter with a 3-inch diameter, 
Wire rack, kitchen towel or non-terry towel.


Take a common medium bowl, mix yeast one tablespoon and warm milk  3/4 cup and mix or beat melt yeast from solid to liquid.

Add flour 3/4 cup and create a soft paste (If you don't know how to measure a cup size you can go to the local store and ask for 3/4 size of a cup this will help you to measure the size of cup). Wrap this bowl with a cling film or plastic wrap and keep this mixture for 30 minutes at a warm place.

After 30 minutes take a bowl of the stand mixture which has a paddle attachment, and mix the remaining  yeast one teaspoon and the remaining cup of  milk 1/4, add a mixture of flour with the egg yolks and vanilla and mix until ingredients are fused and the dough gets soft you have to mix it around 30 seconds. Now Off the stand mixer and add one cup of flour with salt and sugar mix it around 30 seconds. Add butter and mix it until its combined near 30 seconds. Now changed paddle attachment to the dough hook.

Add leftover flour 1/4 (turn off the mixer whenever you add) and mold dough till it comes out from the bottom of the bowl it must be smooth and it should not be sticky, knead it around one minute.

Now wrap the bowl with plastic wrap and leave the dough for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes lightly press the dough to expel gas balloons then cover it for 1 hour to 12 hours.

When donuts are ready, set a baking sheet with lightly sprinkle flour on the non-terry towel. gently sprinkle flour and turn out dough in 1/2 inch width. use cookie cutter or  doughnut cut dough to 3-inch  linear measurement rounds with 1-inch width hole for stuffed doughnuts directly don't cut the holes of doughnuts

Organize donuts on baking sheets keep a 1-inch gap and cover with the plastic coat then leave for 30 to 40 minutes to make a double as big. Check donuts in each 5 to 10 minutes if it's getting ready use your finger to check, touch gently on donuts. If donuts bounce back instantly leave it for more time and if it bounces back slowly it's set
and if donuts don't bounce back your donuts are over proofed.

During the donuts are proofing place a baking sheet of 2 layers of paper sheets then put a  wire rack on the tip of the paper sheets.

Now deep fry donuts in oil heat oil using deep-fry thermometer on 360°F, now place donuts in hot oil fry it flip in only one time till its look like light brown 1 to 2 minutes every side when it changes to golden brown shift it on wire rack leave donuts to get cool.

Later you can apply icing of cream, sugar Glaze, candy hearts, chocolate glaze or sprinkles, if you will use sprinkles on donuts it will look delightful and beautiful you can get so many varieties of sprinkles. You can use colorful icing for charming donuts.

On Parties Or On Occasions Go Creative With Your Donuts



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