Priyanka Chopra - Second Most Beautiful Women In the World

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Guess who is the most Sexiest Asian Women in the WORLD??? It's none other than Priyanka Chopra!!! Won so many awards also in Hollywood for Quantico. She is first women from South Asian who has sparkled in Indian Movies and now breaking the headlines in US TV series. Priyanka Chopra A women with several titles she is a Miss World, Actor, Model and Brand Ambassador.

Being totally great,  now Priyanka Chopra carries the titled as the second most beautiful women in the world. In 2015 she had won the title of "Sexiest Asian Women" won with millions of votes. She is an enormously marvelous actress in Bollywood. 

Recently she interviewed with Vogue, just fabulous as always.  She unfolded her dreams and passion and also spoke about the secret of her beauty. Her beautiful mind is revealed in this fabulous conversation. 

From a gallery facing in New York City, Priyanka Chopra met Vogue for her rapid fire round. Where she speaks about her all lively information. She choices to listen to Tupac Shakur's songs always with hot sauce and cream. She was free to answer all the solid striking questions.  

Currently, she is the Ambassador for UNICEF Goodwill and carries a title amongst 100 Most Influential People in the World. There are many adventurous and beautiful things she aims to achieve and has dedicated her life to fulfill this success. 

She is surprisingly waiting and wanting to visit every island around the world and she wants to have lots of babies. Her soul is the absolute picture of motivation and filled with inspiration.

She halted at Manhattan's Standard High Line hotel where she reveals all her beauty secrets. Adding, "Do it yourself scrub which she learned from her mother, she said in India women's use natural products and After the skin care recipes, she approaches to go healthy beauty skin.

Here are Priyanka Chopra’s few beauty tips

Priyanka Chopra’s Lip Scrub

Now there she reveals about her beautiful lips, She adds a pinch of salt, few drops of glycerin and rose water in a bowl mix it then smoothly rub over lips. Then rinse your lips immediately you will see pink and smooth lips. Lemon juice also helps to brighten your skin color.

Priyanka Chopra’s Body Scrub

In bowl Take a Cup of gram flour and add few drops of lemon
Greek yogurt and milk then add sandalwood powder and a pinch of turmeric powder, Apply all the mixture on all over the body leave it for 30 minutes using water scrub it and shower.

For oily skin use low-fat milk or fat-free yogurt, this is best for oily skin. if gram flour is not there you can use whole wheat flour.

Her Yogurt Scalp Nursing

For a weak scalp, in a bowl take full-fat yogurt and one teaspoon honey and one egg mix it and apply on the scalp leave this mask till 30 minutes after 30 minutes wash with warm water with mild shampoo or with baby shampoo.

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