Why New York Citys Subway Trains Are Thrown Into The Ocean

Well we all know dumping garbage, plastics chemicals in oceans is the cheapest thing we prefer to do, there are millions of plastic bags in the ocean, we should stop doing this thing but here.

Pic Credit: Stephen Mallon

New York Municipal throwing subway trains in the sea. first, I thought this is worst but I was not correct.  New York Subway trains are used to utilized to make a submerged reef for shellfish and fish in the Atlantic.

When subway trains had been inactive, they cleaned trains then seats, lashes and wheels were sold or reused. Then they carried them to the dropping location. A water powered lift lifted them up and dropped them into the sea once per month. In Georgia, a few trains have been dropped,  not all locations are revealed to general society because some are used for biological investigations.  Accepting four decades managing a huge number of New Yorkers, these metro trains are presently home to ocean life.
Images of throwing subway trains in ocean

The train reefs pull fishes because these subway trains protect fishes and create shrimp, crabs, and  foods for there life and establish a structure

Here is the pic of how subway trains look after 10 years 



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