Things That Make You A Bitch

Wearing shorts and skirts "Just Look at that Bitch"

Not agree with everyone's opinion and having your different opinion "why is she being such a Bitch"

Wohhhh wearing Red or Black color Lipstik "Such A Bitch"

Awooooo the most using a Chu#!ya word for someone "OMG Such a Bitch"

When You have Lots of boy buddies" Just Look At That Bitch" 

When She Drink Like A man "What A Bitch Just Stay Away"
someone trying to come close and saying no to the person  "Huuu Bitch"

When you first take a step for a man "Ohh She is just a Bitch"

So let's Go Through the 10 things When people Judge Women But That Not Make You  Bitch

1 Wearing Bold And Shorts Clothes 

Well if we are getting a freedom to wear what we want, and wearing short and bold clothes doesn't make us Bitch, but if you are thinking about our clothes that definitely make u LAST

2 Saying No

What if we are saying no to anything we just mean it NO Means No, and we don't care about it and will not care what you are going to think.

3 Abusing 

What is the problem with you guys you can say any S#!t you want to say and we just cant, What the Fu#% you people are?.

4 Drinking Lot

You can Drink And drown But when we drink Ruckus All Over The World.

5 Applying Makeup

We can put Red, Black or Yellow Lipstik that's our choice, not your business.

6 Having Lots Of Male Friends

Having lots of male friends so what.

7 Self-Obsessed

Love your self first then love others being selfish not make us bitch.

8 Being Friendly At Gatherings

Being friendly and speaking openly with a heart doesn't make us bitch.

9 Having opinion 

What's wrong if we have an opinion and thinking better than you people, doing good for our self, strong, independent having our own mind and not listening to your nonsense.

10  Making The First Move On Guy

when a girl makes her first move, she is so cool not bitch but you are a DUMB.



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