Not Making Eye Contact 
Have you been preparing for your interview today? Well factually here are some important guidelines for you. Many interviewers don’t like when they find candidates not making a formal eye contact while talking. Well, you don't have to do any contest here you just have to make eye contact while talking and it seems that you are interested in conversation. If you are not looking while conversations it shows that you are not interested and having a short of attention.

Not Smiling
A serious face doesn't do well in the interview, as per the survey people who are not smiling is a big mistake they do. When you smile is shows that you are friendly and kind.

Playing with something
Playing with something make bad body language in an interview many employers have revealed that playing with a pen, papers or fingers shows that they are nervous and not prepared. it's always good to keep your hand easily.

Not sitting straight
Moving on your seat shows that you are not confident, on survey many HR said that they look less prepared for the interview. Sitting up straight shows that you are confident and it also seems that you are respecting an interviewer and the post for you are applying.

Crossing your arms
Sitting not straight and crossing your arms shows that you are unfriendly and aggressive. Many employers said they don't like to see this type of body language.

Touching Your Face
As per the survey, 28% of interviewers said touching face and hair they don't like while interview. Body language experts say It looks childish and stressed

Using Too Many Hand Gestures
The more you increase hand gesture the more you look terrified, and its distracting.



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