Top 12 Best Laser Keyboards You Must Have One

The Laser Keyboard is a manageable device these keyboards are uttered by special projectors and connected with wireless or with a USB cord to a device we want to type. The laser keyboard is shining keyboard on a level surface by which you are able to write. there is sensor built into the keyboard device this will sense letters whatever we are typing it typed into the connected device. Laser keyboard work on any flat or round surface and its cooperative with any virtual device,  like pc, smartphones, notebooks, and tablets. The best thing about the laser keyboard is it's easy to carry.
ok so now I am going to present a list of keyboards  and you can buy these laser keyboards from Amazon or any other online website

12. ShowMe Virtual Laser Projection Keyboard
show me laser keyboard
This keyboard is pocket-sized Bluetooth Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard,
This laser keyboard work with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, android Samsung S6, M9 and HTC One and many Phones are there. It's a best smart companion for phone tablet and pc but laser keyboard for mobile this is so useful. sometimes we have to travel with a heavy notebook for our business meetings and it's soo irritating to carry but this laser keyboard is here to solve our problem. This gadget is pocket-sized designed so it doesn't take much space. This laser keyboard will project with the full-sized keyboard at the flat surface area. This is also a 5200 mah mobile power bank so we can charge our device by using a USB port.

Battery going time is around 30 hours
Battery charging time  around 3 hours
Keyboard light source Red laser diode
Frequency range 2402 - 2480 MHz

11. Brookstone Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard
broojstone laser projection keyboard
Advanced laser projection keyboard work on the flat surface area. high-level optics we can connect by Bluetooth and it's for Apple iPhone, Android phones and for tablets.  so easy to connect and chargeable. Continue typing up to 2 hours.

10. Atongm Laser Projection Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard
autongm laser keyboard
ultraportable for smartphones and fast, correct data input with the layout of the English qwerty keyboard and it's very low power consumption we can connect easily by USB or Bluetooth. We can connect with operating systems like  Windows XP, Windows 7 or Linux, also compatible with iPhone,  Tablet, and Android phones. so easy visible laser keyboard. We can operate using USB Cable with Laptop and PC.

9. AGS Wireless Laser Projection Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard
ags wirelss keyboard
AGS laser keyboard work with iPhone, Smartphones, iPad, and Tablets.
AGS Laser keyboard is built-in LCD screen, its support Mouse mode multi-touch gestures with very smooth movement. This connects fast but battery life is short and this has audio volume we can adjust volume also.

8. LAMASTON Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard
lamaston laser keyboard
Portable laser keyboard in red color work on the flat area we can also use as a mouse with English qwerty keyboard layout we can connect with Apple and Android phone also with windows. This is Bluetooth keyboard with a rechargeable battery. LAMASTON laser keyboard has good features like Bluetooth speaker and adjustable brightness of keyboard adjustable volume.

7.  Mini Wireless Projection Virtual Bluetooth Laser Keyboard
mini wireless laser keyboard
This mini laser keyboard is wireless and connected via Bluetooth it has multifunctions we can use as a mouse, having Bluetooth speaker. This laser keyboard is for iPhone,iPad, Android phones, laptops, and tablets. Voce quality is limited, and this is not waterproof. Upgraded rechargeable battery 1000mah cool this will work longer. This mini laser keyboard has sleep mode when we leave it for 8 seconds this will automatically shift to the energy saving mode keyboard will off but moving your hand on the projected area will work again. Ans the most important thing is in a bright light the laser keyboard is hard to visible.

6. Celluon EPIC Ultra-Portable Full-Size Virtual Keyboard
celluon epic laser keyboard
This Celluon EPIC Ultra-POrtable Keyboard is compatible with operating systems like Windows XP, ios4+ Blackberry10, Mac OS and Android. Battery capacity is 660 mah this work on a flat surface area. This is mobile projection keyboard also work as a mouse and it has a full-sized qwerty keyboard layout. So easy to connect with any devices via Bluetooth and this can work with any Bluetooth HID devices.

5. BlueBeach Bluetooth Laser Projector Virtual Keyboard
bluebeach keyboard
This is easy to connect any devices this work for iPhone,iPad, Android Phones, Laptops, and tablets this also work with an operating system like Windows, iOS, and Mac OS. This laser keyboard is connected via Bluetooth.
The BlueBeach keyboard has English Qwerty keyboard work with many Bluetooth devices and Tablets, PCs and Bluetooth Notebooks.

4. iNextStation Wireless Bluetooth Projection Virtual Keyboard
inexstaion wireless keyboard
This keyboard is built with wireless Bluetooth mini speaker, we can use it is as wireless laser keyboard also it has a Bluetooth speaker for iPhone 6, iPad, Tablet, Smartphones, Laptops, and PCs. Well, laser keyboard doesn't have a good quality speaker so don't expect as high-quality sound. We can get Micros USB port to compatible with many devices, it has 600mah battery you can upgrade to 1000 mah. if you can't upgrade by yourself you can go to Amazon site you will get there upgraded laser keyboard with good battery life with good USB ports. This laser keyboard also has a sleep mode like other keyboards.

3. Stwie Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard, Wireless Mini Keyboard 
stwie laser keyboard
Stwie is compatible with phones, Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets and many devices. this has multifunctionality Bluetooth speaker and built-in 100 max battery. Sound and keyboard brightness is adjustable. This has a good light keyboard. This is easy to connect to any device. This affordable and work well with androids. There are two colors available silver and black

2. MOJO Bluetooth Wireless Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard Portable Full-Size Keypad
mojo bluetoothe wireless laser keyboard
You will get this laser keyboard in sleek black and white design, with full-size keyboard work on the flat area. This keyboard also has a virtual mouse and can connect via Bluetooth the battery life is up to 3 hours.  This is so affordable you will get this is in good price. This has a good bright light keyboard. work with Windows, iOS, and Android. Fast Qwerty keyboard with red light. Mojo Bluetooth has 60 days warranty and this warranty is available through MOJO sales only.

1. Celluon Magic Cube Keyboard
celluon magic  cube laser keyboard
This is the best laser keyboard, its portable and battery life is long. This fast typing wireless and compatible with many devices. This comes with a USB cord. it has a wireless mini speaker, compatible with iPhones, Tablets, Androids. This also has a sleep mode.  You can read the Celluon Magic Cube Keyboard's reviews on Amazon. You will not hesitate to purchase this one. And also on Amazon, you will get upgraded Battery and many other upgraded laser keyboard.



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