Amazing Fact Penguin Walks Alone Wearing A Backpack To Collect Fish From The Fish Market

Hey, I am so amazed to tell you all that a penguin LA LA everyday walk alone into town by himself with a backpack to collect fish from the local fish market. LALA lives in Japan and wonders everyone.  Every day Penguin goes to a market to get a favorite meal. A fisherman saw Penguin near a sea at the bad condition he took Penguin home and take care of LALA and even gave him his personal air conditioning room. later he stayed with fisherman at his home. 

The interesting thing happened when one-day LALA  went with his people to the market later he kept wanting to go. So fisherman and his people trained to Penguin to wear a backpack and walk to the fish market to get his favorite meal.
Penguin lives in a cold area but this Penguin lives in Japan's weather too.

Well, this is really amazing Fact.



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