Now You Can Touch Music - Ripple

Now there is a speaker that will allow you to touch the music. This gadget will show you how the sound will be played by touch. A gadget produces vibrations, while the fluctuating needles show sound waves. What might a speaker for the hearing impaired look like? This gadget explores how sound can be played by touch.

The Ripple is a smart and minimalist speaker created by Jackson McConnell, designed exclusively for the hearing impaired. it's a highly intellectual and innovative project, whereby the deaf people can enjoy taking note of music without experiencing the sound a part of it, but by feeling it instead.

This project focuses and uses the thought that the vibrations of music can stimulate and affect particular parts of a person's brain, and the way the traditional brain perceives these waves. an identical experience is made by using the sound waves and their oscillatory motion effect.

The gadget includes an oscilloscope that shows the patterns of the sound waves and therefore the notes. The multi-level vibrations and frequencies are depicted by the up, down, rising and lowering, synchronized movements of the needles. This unique object emits multi-toned vibrations, which will be felt while touching the fluctuating and moving sound wave-like needles.

Using the Ripple, an individual with no hearing can really perceive the sound waves through touch and sight. Through this wonderful piece, they will actually feel the music. This gadget is astounding, moderate, and shrewd other than being altogether obliging in design.



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