Floating Cloud Sofa - First-Ever Sofa That Floats In The Air

Cloud is a sofa idea designed for ultra comfort and relaxation. The soft floating upper part is supported by the magnetism generated by the rock bottom base. regardless of you need to work and sit with comfort or just a nap to release the strain, you'll always enjoy some time to relax on the floating cloud. The Cloud Sofa is an idea planned and designed by D.K. & Wei.

With ultra comfort and relaxation, Cloud couch is meant to mirror a real cloud not only in its shape and texture but also it's material for lightness. The Cloud uses a magnetized base plate planted on the ground that repels the couch and waving it in mid-air.

Many advanced and fashionable couches have been made, But Cloud Sofa is ever first creative sofa that has ever been designed. The Cloud isn't tied with any steel cables, which also makes couch an impressive thing to easily think of. It received a mention at the RELAX furniture design contest, making it a bit nearer to and design masterpiece.



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