7 Ways To Make Bone Strong

It's never too soon or late to the point where it is possible to think about your bone's health Discover what befalls your bones as you age and how to keep them strong. A decent eating routine is just one of the structure blocks for bones, which keeps away certain danger factors. 

You need enough calcium to keep your bones strong and nutrient D to assist your body with retaining calcium.

How can you keep bones strong? 

Here are 7 way to keep your bones strong

1. calcium-rich foods




orange juice


leafy green vegetables



2. Get vitamin D to keep bones strong

Vitamin D helps you to absorb calcium from foods. 

You can get vitamin D from:



Egg yolks

orange juice

Fatty fish like salmon

soy and rice beverages


To get enough vitamin D everyone should drink two cups of milk or soya milk everyday

3) keep exercising or be active to keep your bones strong

here are some ideas by which you can keep your bone strong 

like running, walking, weight lifting exercise, hiking, dancing, playing games, stretching, yoga.

4) Get full nutrients to keep your bones strong

like vitamin K, Potassium and magnesium help our body to absorb calcium. we can get these nutrients by eating healthy foods like vegetables and fruit, nuts, whole grains, fish, lentils, beans, peas, and seeds. Taking proper proteins is also going to make your bone strong. you can get proteins from fish, meat, beans, lentils, peas nuts, seeds, and shellfish  

5) Limit your alcohol consumption to keep your bones strong

Drinking alcohol can cause bone loss.

6) Limit caffeine

Having too much coffee can lower the amount of calcium you absorb.

You can have 2 to 3 cups of coffee per day not more than this.

7) Don’t smoke

If you are smoking, you are going faster to lose bone and a higher chance of bone fractures. 



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