Tom Cruise Will Shoot A Movie In Space !

Really? is Tom Cruise going to shoot on space? 

Action-adventure is going to be shot in space. It's not a Mission Impossible film and not any studio is in the blend at this stage yet searching for more news as I get it NASA Administrator Representative Jim Bridenstine affirmed gossipy tidbits on 5th May that the Academy Award candidate and Top Gun star is working with engineers and scientists to create a project from the International Space Station. allegedly a project is going to be historically first ever project to shoot on space, it's going to be a masterpiece. 

It's fantastic to hear that NASA is also excited to work with Tom Cruise in a film. We need well-known media to rouse another age of specialists and researchers to make NASA's aim come true.

Quite, SpaceX has plans to permit a commercial space flight its Crew Dragon capsule as possible as in 2021. Bridenstine's announcement is the principal official affirmation of the project, and NASA presently can't seem to discharge any extra data. 

Also, I will love to tell you that Tom Cruise is the Richest Actor all over the world he is the highest-paid actor. he has done dangerous stunts in movies and his many movies have grossed  $200 million. I am waiting for his upcoming movie which is going to shoot on space its an achievement.




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